Artist's Comments:
"Awww, you left off at the best part." -Miles Kjeller
Yeah, this is the last page I did before I was forced to call it quits, and could never re-establish a rhythm for the comic for nearly two years. My skills and equipment have gotten significantly better since even these pages, so I have been planning on doing a refresher comic book (scrapping the bullshit I didn't like: see, the Office Complex arc), and continuing on where I left off otherwise. I might do the Rachel x Jake sex scene separately (with a Red Warning Label similar to what Eyes of a Stranger has featured) but at the time I only wanted to make it implied.
Panel 3 references that a lack of testosterone will contribute to a loss in muscle mass. This is true science. Given how little he has already he can barely handle the M-78 Paladin he used about 30 pages ago, and he'd be back to the low-recoil pistol from way back.
I hope you enjoyed the ride. It was fun to look back at the shit and relearn the lessons I have learned through writing this comic. I plan to return to There's Something About Tails one day. And I hope it comes soon.

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