Artist's Comments:
A few days before this page was published was the day I quit working on the TSAT comic, and not for lack of want. A lot of thigns were going on at home, including trying to stay in any house that could keep me in. After moving to a location that I was led to believe was supposed to be permanent but awaiting a room to clear, I lost scanner access and could never learn how to draw with a mouse (I have a tablet now but that was later!). I never got that room by the way, because the house got foreclosed on only three months later. And I had to move again.
Oh, what's up with the cobalt blue horseshoe on Rotor's hat? And why is the hat blue? Because I fucking can, that's why. I stuck the horseshoe on because I am an Indianapolis Colts fan (American Football), and no other reason. Hey, if I can paint Amy's dress green and her shoes blue, I can make Rotor's ballcap any damn color and design I want.

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