Artist's Comments:
Sorry, nothing special for this increment of 50. If they were already getting drawn, there was no point to "try harder"... hahahah, no. Read on.
There's a very, very good explanation why 200 wasn't so special. For months off and on, I was actually working on drawn comics on the side that were crime-noir black and white with the only splash of color being red for blood (and Jake's eyes). They were going to be pages 193-200. The tone was as dark as the style being used, as the original arc was very insidious. I was originally supposed to have Jake corner Bunnie while she was asleep, disable her with the pistol by shooting off her bionic arm and making a bloody mess, then proceeding to rape her. The intercourse would've been censored away by camera angles. He returns to his senses right after finishing, realises what he's done, and nearly shoots himself through the chin before Bunnie stops him and sends him on his way, breaking her trust for him for good.
Even for TSAT this was just too dark, and I abandoned the sub-project. We have these pages instead and Jake actually getting his ass handed to him on a silver platter. A complete reversal of the script and yet Bunnie is still (rightfully) pissed.

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