Artist's Comments:
Can you tell what's going on in the final panel? I can't.
Okay, I do, but only because I did it. Again, I misused the zoom, kind of forgetting these panels are only 320x200 large, and the action is only in about 20% of the panel as it is.
The turrets are also extra-hokey because I had sprited them (from scratch, so I have that going for me...) at only half the size they needed to be. So this whole thing was botched from the get-go.
As for the design of the turrets, you'll notice that the ground is completely grassy, until the doors reveal the turrets. I first saw the camouflaged popup turrets from MechCommander, and I thought they were the neatest thing, because they were sneaky base defenses. I lost a 'Mech or two because of those damn things.

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