Hello, and thank you for your interest!

I have some simple rules while placing your order. Get a Coke, it might be a bit of a read, but I am only trying to cover everyone's bases:

1. Please be clear of what "media type" (Sketch, Doodle, Line-art, Flats, Cel-shade, or Airbrush) you would like. This is a direct indicator of how much you are going to pay, as it's based on how long a picture can take. To be sure of how you want your picture to look, double-check the chart, above: I drew the same picture throughout the process for each media type.
- 1a. Extra characters on the same picture are an extra 50%. Vehicles such as either cars, tanks or BattleMechs count as characters when figuring your price. Simple backgrounds are typically included in the price.
- 1b. You may ask for a small icon (512x512 pixels) for half the price. Picture is drawn from the chest up. Icon is not available in Sketch and Line-art media types.
- 1c. Reference sheets are available! For two times the media price, I can draw a detailed reference for your character. Only available in cel-shade and airbrushed media types.
- 1d. Comic commissions are not available at this time. The TSAT Revival project will remain my priority.

2. Please be extra clear of what you want drawn. The less IMs and time we spend trading with each other, the faster I can queue you in, and draw for you. I don't like looking at vague requests, then trying to figure out what you had on your mind, then I take too much artistic license and you're unhappy with the product. Please be clear!
- 2a. Please don't waffle. Please know for sure what you want, and don't change your mind halfway through negotiations! I have better things to do than to draw out a conversation, when I could be drawing out your picture.
- 2b. I am best skilled in Mobian creatures and Western-inspired giant robots, such as BattleTech's 'Mechs. I can also draw MLP ponies and most anthros. Anything else, please ask; I do struggle badly with humans.

3. Do not prepay me. I will tell you when to pay in your preferred method before I post my artwork. This protects your money in case a note is lost, and also encourages me to finish your commission faster.
- 3a. I currently only accept payment methods to PayPal in US Dollars, or in Linden Dollars via Second Life. (Conversion is 1 USD * 250 = L$.)

4. Yes, I can draw mature and adult rated materials, and at no extra charge to you. Don't count on it going up on DeviantArt, but it might make its way to other galleries such as FurAffinity and InkBunny. Please ask about what sort of "fetishes" I won't do for your request, I am rather picky in this department. No underage adult art! If you so much as ask about this, I will block you from anywhere you contact me. I take this rule quite seriously.

5. Please tell me as you are paying if you want it submitted to my online galleries. I understand if you want to keep a picture private, but I also would like to tell people that I am active. I will link to your gallery if you have one, so keep this in consideration. If I am not given a decision, I will post it publicly.
- 5a. If you ask for a sketch or Line-art, you are welcome to color it yourself. If you post it online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.
- 5b. Other artists that are not you may not color sketches or line-art unless it is done for free. Like before, if it is posted online, you must link to my gallery and notify me.
- 5c. Once your commission is completed, you will be inquired about your PayPal address. Once I have it, I will send you an invoice detailing how much you will owe. There's no due date, but you are not seeing your commission until I have received payment.

If you are interested in ordering something, please send me a note at either DeviantArt, FurAffinity, or InkBunny.

I hope to work with you in the future!

Project Dark Fox

Commissions list is [HERE].

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