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Content Update!
Posted January 10, 2014

The next 60 pages of TSAT: The Original Archive have been posted, complete with snarky commentary.
In preparation for the next book of Eyes of a Stranger, I have done some backend work to make your comic-viewing experience smoother; you can even pick your book in a new archive page. I have added three comic covers to help fill the space, but the last two don't lead to anything yet.
The Games page has finally been added.

Happy New Year - Content Update!
Posted January 07, 2014

How am I supposed to free up free time?! Anyway, the first 40 pages of the original TSAT archive have been posted for your amusement.
Comics Page Skeleton Online
Posted July 04, 2013

None of the archives are posted in proper quite yet, but I've got some links and buttons set up in the Comics section. As Eyes of a Stranger Issue 1 has been posted to the site well before the actual relaunch of the site, it will be linked, but there needs to be some minor layout reconstruction done to accomodate for additional books.
Copyright information has also been added to this page and will be part of the main format.

Site Online
Posted July 03, 2013

I'm probably not going to bother with an RSS Feed this time around, so I'm going to suggest popping in once a week or so for any new updates. Of course, I can also be found on many other art sites (furry and otherwise), but given that I have exclusive content here, you don't have much choice when it comes to seeing it, do you? :)
The site is under heavy, heavy construction right now, so parts of the site will not be ready for days or even weeks at a time as I juggle one thing or another, on top of my full time job. Just ... you know, not as long as however long that old thing was up for with two out of two outdated links. Ouch!
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