Salvage Report:
From the office of Master Technician Rachel Gates:
My teams are split between loading the DropShips for takeoff and fixing your 'Mechs' expensive-ass extra-light engines. I will be spending a *lot* of time doing that.
When we march back to Zeta, astechs and freed bondsmen will be taking any 'Mechs we salvaged here in Haven back to base. I think it's going to be more or less all hands on deck. Antoinette is busy powering up a Thor to patrol and give us early warning, ready to fall back to base once she makes contact. She will keep you posted.

Old Balance: 189,661,584

C-Bills Gained: 1,400,000
Mission Payment: 0
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 1,500,000 (14 kills, 1 rescue)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 0
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 0

New Balance: 191,161,584

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
BL-7-KNT 'Dirty Bastard' Black KnightEngine DamagedSpaz+3.5 EXP, Ready
WHM-6R 'Yeren II' WarhammerEngine and Gyro DamagedScrapper+2.5 EXP, +1 AP, Good
HGN-732b 'Sharp' HighlanderEngine and Gyro DamagedWizzard+5.0 EXP, Ready
RGH-1A 'Warhorse II' RoughneckReadyHardhat+2.5 EXP, Ready
CRB-20 'Resistance' CrabHeavy DamageCrustacean+2.5 EXP, Ready
KGC-000 'Cancer' King CrabReadyBones+4.0 EXP, Ready
Mad Cat 'Kitten'Leg Destroyed, Engine DamagedImpact+3.0 EXP, Good
MAD-4A 'Genbu' Marauder IIReadyLightshow+3.5 EXP, Ready

Equipment ReplacedQnty
Clan Endo-Steel78
Clan Ferro-Fibrous296
Double Heat Sink3
Clan Double Heat Sink2
C3 Slave1
Weapons ReplacedQnty
Medium Laser1
Clan ER Medium Laser3
Clan ER PPC1
Clan Machine Gun2
Clan LRM-101
Ammunition ReloadedQnty
AC/5 Standard4
AC/10 Standard3
LB10X Slug4
LB10X Cluster3
LRM Standard805
LRM Artemis480
Clan LRM Standard180
Clan LRM Artemis200
SRM Standard66
SRM Artemis72
SRM Inferno48
Clan Streak SRM12

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
Lupus PrimeHead and Leg Destroyed
LGB-7Q 'Storm' LongbowEngine Disabled
CN9-A CenturionDonut Rule
SHD-2H Shadow HawkLeg Damaged

Equipment FoundQntySB*
Clan Endo-Steel115
Clan Ferro-Fibrous17
Clan Double Heat Sink10
Jump Jet Class III4
Jump Jet Class IV9
Jump Jet Class V4
Weapons FoundQnty
Medium Laser4
Large Laser1
Clan ER Medium Laser1
Machine Gun1
Clan Ultra Autocannon/202
Clan SRM-61
Clan Streak SRM-41
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
LB10X Slug201
LB10X Cluster131
SRM Standard32617

C-Bill Treasury: 191,161,584
Monthly Unit Upkeep: 680,000

Retractable Blade
Your technicians can readily produce Retractable Blades at no cost in time or resources. Retractable Blades (and other melee weapons available) are considered an untracked item and therefore do not occupy cargo tonnage.

Fragmentation LRMs (Performed by MechWarrior Wizzard)
Time Required: 1 day
Input Required: 120 Standard LRMs
Output: 120 Fragmentation LRMs.
Take additional day to improve result by 1, up to 1 (may still crit-fail). Roll 2D6 and consult below:
(Natural 2) Critical Failure: a missile has exploded in the pilot's face, and will be at +1 Gunnery, Piloting and Driving and -1 Initiative for the next mission; loss of input
(3-6) General failure, Loss of input
(7-8) General failure, input remains
(9-13) Gain 120 Fragmentation LRMs

Ultra Autocannon Ammo (Performed by Master Tech Rachel Gates)
Time Required: 1 day
Input Required: 5 Autocannon Standard Ammo (any class)
Output: Varying amount of Ultra Autocannon Ammo (cooresponding class)
Take additional day to improve result by 1, up to 1. Roll 2D6 and consult below:
(2-6) General failure, Loss of input
(7-8) General failure, input remains
(9) Gain 3 UAC Ammo.
(10-11) Gain 4 UAC Ammo.
(12+) Gain 5 UAC Ammo.
(Natural 12) Gain 5 UAC Ammo. +1 to future rolls. (Tables will be modified to reflect this result.)

Clan Streak SRM Ammo (Reverse Engineering Project)
Time Required: 2 weeks
Input Required: 20 Clan Streak SRM Ammo, any Clan Streak SRM launcher
Output: Ability to modify IS Streak SRM Ammo into Clan-grade Streak SRM Ammo
Take additional week and 10 Clan Streak SRMs to improve result by 1, up to 3. Roll 2D6 and consult below:
(Natural 2) Project fails and all materials used are lost. Pilot who worked this project suffers 1D6-1 wounds in hangar explosion.
(3-6) All ammo dedicated to project is consumed.
(7-8) All ammo dedicated to project is consumed. +1 (+2 if they spent extra time) to next roll. (Tables will be modified to reflect this result)
(9-11) All ammo dedicated to project is consumed. Ability unlocked.
(12+) Half ammo dedicated to project is consumed. Ability unlocked with more favorable results.

[Unit Loadouts] (Updated June 26, 2019)
UnitTonsTypeTechnician Remarks
BL-7-KNT 'Dirty Bastard' Black Knight75StdReady
CN9-A Centurion50StdReady
CRB-20 'Resistance' Crab50StdNeeds 2 SRM-4s
CRK-5003-1 'Aoshi' Crockett85StdReady
Fenris D45OmniNeeds 1 Clan AMS and 24 Clan AMS Ammo; Mothballed
HGN-732b 'Knight' Highlander90StdReady
HTM-26T 'Vodyanoy' Hatamoto-Chi80StdReady
Katydid Prime70OmniNeeds 1 Clan Streak SRM-6; Mothballed
Kingfisher (empty)90OmniNo Weapons
KGC-000 'Cancer' King Crab100StdReady
LGB-7Q 'Storm' Longbow85StdReady
Lupus Prime60OmniNeeds 200 Clan LRM Artemis Ammo
Mad Cat Prime 'Kitten'75OmniNeeds 2 cERMLas, cERPPC
MAD-4A 'Genbu' Marauder II100StdReady
PLG-3Z 'Arbiter Britheamh' Pillager100StdReady
RFL-3N Rifleman60StdReady
SHD-2H Shadow Hawk55StdReady
Thor C70OmniIn Use By Technician Antoinette
Vulture Prime60OmniReady
WHM-6R 'Yeren II' Warhammer70StdReady
WVR-6R 'Rage' Wolverine55StdReady
DropShip Bays-/12
DropShip Cargo-/1750.0

Endo-Steel Internal Structure1,11333.39
Clan Endo-Steel Internal Structure2537.59
Triple-Strength Myomer00.00
Ferro-Fibrous Armor2,885161.00
Clan Ferro-Fibrous Armor703.65
Hardened Armor12015.00
Double Heat Sink2525.00
Clan Double Heat Sink2525.00
Anti-Missile System63.00
Clan Anti-Missile System00.00
Beagle Active Probe00.00
Clan Active Probe00.00
C3 Master Computer00.00
C3 Slave00.00
Guardian ECM Suite00.00
Clan ECM Suite00.00
Clan Targeting Computer22.00
MASC Mark III39.00
Jump Jet#Tons
Class V2613.00
Class IV147.00
Class III1212.00
Class II1111.00
Class I1836.00
Standard 300119.00

Clan Flamer00.0
Small Laser73.5
Medium Laser3131.0
Large Laser840.0
Small Pulse Laser1111.0
Clan Sm Pulse Laser00.0
Medium Pulse Laser1632.0
Clan Med Pulse Laser24.0
Large Pulse Laser321.0
Clan Lg Pulse Laser212.0
Clan ER Sm Laser10.5
Clan ER Med Laser00.0
ER Large Laser1050.0
Clan ER Lg Laser210.0
ER PPC642.0
Clan ER PPC00.0
Snub-Nose PPC00.0
Binary Laser Cannon19.0
Machine Gun126.0
Clan Machine Gun20.50
Clan LB 2-X AC525.0
Clan LB 5-X AC00.0
LB 10-X Autocannon666.0
Clan LB 10-X AC00.0
Clan LB 20-X AC00.0
Clan Ultra AC/200.0
Ultra Autocannon/5654.0
Clan Ultra AC/500.0
Clan Ultra AC/10110.0
Clan Ultra AC/20224.0
Gauss Rifle575.0
Clan Gauss Rifle00.0
Clan LRM-500.0
Clan LRM-1000.0
Clan LRM-1500.0
Clan LRM-20315.0
Clan SRM-200.0
Clan SRM-422.0
Clan SRM-634.5
Streak SRM-246.0
Clan Streak SRM-200.0
Clan Streak SRM-412.0
Clan Streak SRM-626.0
Artemis IV FCS33.0
Narc Missile Beacon39.0
Clan Narc Beacon00.0
Rocket Launcher-1000.0
Rocket Launcher-1500.0
Rocket Launcher-2000.0
Thumper Artillery115.0
Sniper Artillery00.0
Long Tom Artillery130.0
Arrow IV Artillery00.0
Clan Arrow IV Artillery00.0

Ammo TypeShotTons
Ammo TypeShotTons
Clan AMS00.00
AC/2 Standard00.00
AC/5 Standard462.30
AC/10 Standard373.70
AC/20 Standard9919.80
LBAC/2 Slug00.00
LBAC/2 Cluster94521.00
LBAC/5 Slug00.00
LBAC/5 Cluster00.00
LBAC/10 Slug20220.20
LBAC/10 Cluster20720.70
LBAC/20 Slug00.00
LBAC/20 Cluster00.00
Ammo TypeShotTons
LRM Standard5,77348.11
Clan LRM Std3,37828.15
LRM Artemis1,84515.38
Clan LRM Artemis00.00
LRM Narc1,75714.64
Clan LRM Narc00.00
LRM Frag2402.00
SRM Standard4,13341.33
SRM Artemis8148.14
SRM Narc1,33513.35
SRM Inferno1,13611.36
Streak SRM9769.76
Clan Streak SRM3193.19
Ammo TypeShotTons
Thumper Std20010.00
Thumper Cluster1005.00
Thumper Copper402.00
Thumper Flare1005.00
Thumper Smoke1005.00
Sniper Std00.00
Sniper Cluster00.00
Sniper Copper00.00
Sniper Flare00.00
Sniper Smoke00.00
Long Tom Std5010.00
Long Tom Cluster255.00
Long Tom Copper102.00
Long Tom Flare255.00
Long Tom Smoke255.00
Arrow IV Std00.00
Arrow IV Homing153.00
Arrow IV Flare51.00
Arrow IV Smoke51.00
Arrow IV FASCAM00.00

Equipment use prioritizes repairs before customization. Your commander will facilitate such equipment use automatically. FRR KungsArmé will provide restocking at regular intervals when able.

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