Attendance Policy

Note from the Gamemaster: We all have lives, and I will not expect people to be able to make it to each week. As such, campaign opposing forces in most cases will be scaled up or down based on player attendance from week to week. I'll allow up to two absences in a row, no questions asked. I at least ask that you come in every now and then. I'll even accept if you can only make it every other week.

For your MechWarrior, it will look like this as you are not here:
Week 1 (in a row): Out on patrol/recon away from mission area.
Week 2 in a row: MechWarrior MIA (Missing In Action) with 'Mech.
Week 3 in a row: MechWarrior is AWOL, removed from roster.

If you have an extended vacation or if you sustained a serious injury, just let me know; your character and 'Mech will be treated as such as well and you won't be penalized. I will try to be reasonable; note that these are guidelines and not hard rules.
For any questions, please message me (Project Dark Fox) on Discord.

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