September 25, 3050
En Route to Supply Depot Zeta
Free Rasalhague Republic

Incoming Transmission... Technician Antoinette
They are coming from the East! Silver Keshik, led by Star Captain Aaron Radick! I just blew the cockpit off of a Vipe-- Dragonfly with a lucky shot. I'll be back at base, there to defend. Kapten Matsumoto is rushing people either into DropShips, or into readied 'Mechs. Protect our DropShips!

Expected Forces:
Oh, Kerensky, I think I spotted well over 20 or so 'Mechs. If we destroy enough of their forces -- or slap Star Captain Aaron Radick's face hard enough -- that might persuade the Wolves to allow us to leave.

Tactical Notice:
Our Union DropShips are tucked to the West of the base, but can provide covering fire for their own protection.

Tactical Notice:
Kapten Matsumoto is not participating in this battle, but myself and four other 'Mech competent astechs will join the fray. So will any units you bring from your mission in Haven.

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy enough Clan Wolf forces to force their regrouping, and permit you a safe launch.
-- OR --
Destroy Aaron Radick's OmniMech.
2. Both DropShips must survive.

Secondary Objectives:
1. Destroying all enemy forces grants control of the field for salvage.

Mission Time: September 25, 3050
Mission Type: Objective Defense
Mission Pay: 0
Bonus Available: 0
Bounty Available: 200,000 per kill
Salvage: 20% in Clan Units and Equipment (GM determined)
Note: The remaining salvage is going to our friends at the NAIS for research.

Gamemaster's Notes: Game is expected to be played on December 11, 2019.

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