Salvage Report:
From the office of Master Technician Johnny Deutscher:
Not every day that every 'Mech we encounter is intact enough for salvage. A shame we could only pick one.
Someone please inform Delta that I am tired of fixing his 'Mech in particular. Extra-Light engines are not that easy to fix!

Under 100 rounds of Gauss Rifle ammo.
Under 5 tons of Clan LRM Ammo.

Old Balance: 131,580,520

C-Bills Gained: 1,800,000
Mission Payment: 500,000
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 1,300,000 (11 kills, 2 captures)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 1,055,000
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 680,000
MADLAD Usage: 375,000

New Balance: 132,325,520

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King CrabEngine DisabledDelta+4.0 EXP, Ready
VTR-8J 'Stonework II' VictorGyro DamagedJ+3.5 EXP, Ready
TDK-7X 'War Pig' Thunder HawkReadyWiz+3.5 EXP, Ready
OSR-2L 'Raider' OstrocLeg DamagedWhite Wolf+4.0 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'Anger II' AtlasReadyTemperance+3.5 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'It Still Burns When I PPC' AtlasReadyWyvern+3.0 EXP, Ready
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-ChiEngine and Gyro HitRasputin+3.0 EXP, Poor
BLR-1G 'Hunchmaster IIC' BattleMasterArmlessOutlaw+3.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment Replaced#
Triple-Strength Myomer83
Double Heat Sink1
Clan Active Probe1
Jump Jet Class II1
Jump Jet Class I1
Weapons Replaced#
Small Laser1
Medium Laser4
Small Pulse Laser1
Medium Pulse Laser1
Clan ER Small Laser1
Clan ER Medium Laser3
Clan SRM-60
Ammunition Reloaded#
LB10X Slug3
LB10X Cluster3
LRM Standard90
Clan LRM Standard180
SRM Standard114
SRM Inferno42
Clan Streak SRM6

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
Daishi WHead Destroyed

Equipment FoundQntySB*
No equipment was salvaged.
Weapons FoundQnty
No weapons were salvaged.
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
No ammo was salvaged.

C-Bill Treasury: 129,440,520
Monthly Unit Upkeep: 680,000

Retractable Blade
Your technicians can readily produce Retractable Blades at no cost in time or resources. Retractable Blades (and other melee weapons available) are considered an untracked item and therefore do not occupy cargo tonnage.

'Mech Aerial Deployment, Low-Altitude Device (Built by any free hands)
Time Required: 1 month
Input Required: 5,000,000 C-Bills
Output: 1/6 of a MADLAD
1 fitted to the Keg Party Union DropShip.
1/6 Complete on the Pinion Union DropShip.
The MADLAD provides a single bipedal man-walking 'Mech the ability to Assault Drop anywhere on the battlefield regardless of mission parameters somewhere between turn 0 and 6, decided before mission launch. The user of the MADLAD must be facing the opposite home edge, but 1: will not be fired upon during the turn they are landing, and 2: will gain a +6 Initiative bonus for the following turn.
Operation of the MADLAD uses a disposable glider that costs (5,000 x 'Mech tons) C-Bills and 4 of that 'Mech's relevant Jump Jets to construct. When making your Assault Drop roll, on a MoS of 3+ the jump jets can be salvaged, and on a MoS of 9+, the entire cost of the glider is refunded.
As of March 3049, the AFFC has authorized construction of a second MADLAD into your DropShips. To start a build cycle, roll 2D6 and consult below:
(2-3) This build cycle has failed catastrophically and half the C-Bills used for this cycle are lost.
(4-5) The time spent for this cycle is lost but the C-Bills are not spent.
(6-11) Successful build cycle.
(12) Critical Success: only half the C-Bills were used to build this cycle and get to roll again.

Rocket Launcher 10, 15, and 20 (Performed by Master Tech Praline)
Time Required: 2 days
Input Required: Varies, see below
Output: One Rocket Launcher 10, 15, 20
Take additional day to improve result by 1, up to 2. Roll 2D6 and consult below:
Auto-success when converting a single LRM launcher with the same number of tubes.
When using all LRM or all SRM tubes:
(2-4) General failure, the launchers are lost.
(5-8) General failure, input remains.
(9-12) Success.
When using mixed LRM and SRM launchers:
(2-6) General failure, the launchers are lost.
(7-9) General failure, input remains.
(10-12) Success.
Ammo is provided for free for Rocket Launchers.

Thumper FASCAM Ammo (Performed by MechWarrior J)
Time Required: 1 day
Input Required: 120 Standard LRMs and 20 Thumper Cluster Ammo
Output: 20 Thumper FASCAM Ammo.
Take additional day to improve result by 1, up to 1 (may still crit-fail). Roll 2D6 and consult below:
(2) Critical Failure: a missile has exploded in the pilot's face, and will be at +1 Gunnery, Piloting and Driving and -1 Initiative for the next mission; loss of input
(3-5) General failure, Loss of input
(6-7) General failure, input remains
(8-12) Gain 20 Thumper FASCAM Ammo.

[Unit Loadouts] (Updated June 16, 2019)
UnitTonsTypeTechnician Remarks
AS7-D 'Anger II' Atlas100StdReady
AS7-D 'It Still Burns When I PPC' Atlas100StdReady
Black Hawk D50OmniReady
BLR-1G 'Beefy McFacepunch' BattleMaster85StdReady
BLR-1G 'HunchMaster IIC' BattleMaster85StdNeeds 1 Clan ER Medium Laser
Daishi W100OmniReady
ENF-NAIS-2 'Hornisse' Enforcer50StdReady
Gladiator Prime95OmniNeeds Clan MASC Mk IV
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-Chi80StdReady
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King Crab100StdReady
Loki Prime65OmniNeeds Clan ECM Suite, 3 Clan Targeting Computer
Masakari C 'Aurora'85OmniReady
OSR-2L 'Raider' Ostroc60StdReady
RFL-3N-2 'Silent Eagle' Rifleman II80StdReady
Thor Prime70OmniReady
Thor A70OmniReady
VTR-8J 'Stonework II' Victor75StdReady
TDK-7X 'War Pig' Thunder Hawk100StdReady
SHCV-1 Mastodon Command Tank170StdOccupying 2 Bays; Ready
DropShip Bays12/12
DropShip Cargo1733.9/1750.0

Endo-Steel Internal Structure2,16164.83
Clan Endo-Steel Internal Structure61118.33
Triple-Strength Myomer252-
Ferro-Fibrous Armor1,70895.32
Clan Ferro-Fibrous Armor64933.80
Hardened Armor00.00
Double Heat Sink7171.00
Clan Double Heat Sink3636.00
Anti-Missile System42.00
Clan Anti-Missile System10.50
Beagle Active Probe11.50
Clan Active Probe00.00
C3 Master Computer00.00
C3 Slave00.00
Guardian ECM Suite11.50
Clan ECM Suite00.00
Clan Targeting Computer00.00
MASC Mark I11.00
MASC Mark II24.00
MASC Mark III26.00
MASC Mark IV14.00
Jump Jet#Tons
Class V115.50
Class IV168.00
Class III1212.00
Class II33.00
Class I48.00
Extra-Light 24516.00
Extra-Light 28018.00
Extra-Light 30019.50
Standard 300119.00

Clan Flamer00.0
Small Laser42.0
Medium Laser2929.0
Large Laser210.0
Small Pulse Laser55.0
Clan Sm Pulse Laser33.0
Medium Pulse Laser510.0
Clan Med Pulse Laser510.0
Large Pulse Laser642.0
Clan Lg Pulse Laser00.0
Clan ER Sm Laser00.0
Clan ER Med Laser00.0
ER Large Laser420.0
Clan ER Lg Laser728.0
ER PPC214.0
Clan ER PPC212.0
Snub-Nose PPC424.0
Binary Laser Cannon218.0
Machine Gun52.5
Clan Machine Gun41.0
Clan LB 2-X AC00.0
Clan LB 5-X AC214.0
LB 10-X Autocannon222.0
Clan LB 10-X AC110.0
Clan LB 20-X AC00.0
Clan Ultra AC/200.0
Ultra Autocannon/500.0
Clan Ultra AC/500.0
Clan Ultra AC/1000.0
Clan Ultra AC/20224.0
Gauss Rifle230.0
Clan Gauss Rifle112.0
Clan LRM-500.0
Clan LRM-1000.0
Clan LRM-1513.5
Clan LRM-200.0
Clan SRM-200.0
Clan SRM-411.0
Clan SRM-646.0
Streak SRM-257.5
Clan Streak SRM-200.0
Clan Streak SRM-424.0
Clan Streak SRM-613.0
Artemis IV FCS00.0
Narc Missile Beacon26.0
Clan Narc Beacon00.0
Rocket Launcher-1031.5
Rocket Launcher-1544.0
Rocket Launcher-2023.0
Thumper Artillery230.0
Sniper Artillery00.0
Long Tom Artillery00.0
Arrow IV Artillery00.0
Clan Arrow IV Artillery00.0

Ammo TypeShotTons
Ammo TypeShotTons
Clan AMS281.17
AC/2 Standard00.00
AC/5 Standard00.00
AC/10 Standard00.00
AC/20 Standard10320.60
LBAC/2 Slug00.00
LBAC/2 Cluster00.00
LBAC/5 Slug00.00
LBAC/5 Cluster190.95
LBAC/10 Slug20920.90
LBAC/10 Cluster11711.70
LBAC/20 Slug00.00
LBAC/20 Cluster00.00
Ammo TypeShotTons
LRM Standard6,12051.00
Clan LRM Std3772.64
LRM Artemis00.00
Clan LRM Artemis00.00
LRM Narc4804.00
Clan LRM Narc00.00
SRM Standard2,06820.68
SRM Artemis00.00
SRM Narc4004.00
SRM Inferno1,82018.20
Streak SRM7537.53
Clan Streak SRM5345.34
Ammo TypeShotTons
Thumper Std45022.50
Thumper Cluster41120.55
Thumper Copper402.00
Thumper Flare603.00
Thumper Flechette00.00
Thumper Smoke603.00
Thumper FASCAM1005.00
Sniper Std00.00
Sniper Cluster00.00
Sniper Copper00.00
Sniper Flare00.00
Sniper Smoke00.00
Long Tom Std00.00
Long Tom Cluster00.00
Long Tom Copper00.00
Long Tom Flare00.00
Long Tom Smoke00.00
Arrow IV Std00.00
Arrow IV Homing00.00
Arrow IV Flare00.00
Arrow IV Smoke00.00
Arrow IV FASCAM00.00

Equipment use prioritizes repairs before customization. Your commander will facilitate such equipment use automatically. AFFC will provide restocking at regular intervals when able.
As you are currently a mercenary, you must find a market or arrange for salvage rights to acquire more parts or 'Mechs.

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