July 31, 3050
Fort Outfielder
Baker 3
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Latavius Hamill
Good job on staving off one of the Falcon fronts before it became a problem. I will need you again soon. One of our scouts spotted a Jade Falcon staging position on one of the peaks in the nearby Quezacoatl mountain range, about sixty klicks West from Fort Outfielder. They didn't see much in the way of any support vehicles, just more 'Mechs. We've been trying to play "It" with these bastards because we just don't have the guns to deal with them properly, but you lot do. I know a route up there that will get behind their position so they won't see you coming. Hope you don't mind a six hour romp in your cockpits.

MADLAD Availability: Yes
Artillery Availability: Yes (Warning: Risk endangering honor with Jade Falcon)

Expected Forces:
Alright, so the scout said that the 'Mechs looked big. Only nine of them but they're all heavy and assault, no exception. We're not up on our 'Mech recognitions here yet, so I can't say what they are. Two of them look like Thunderbolts, though.

Tactical Notice:
So that you can sneak around to their backside properly, you'll be striking at night. By the time you reach them, it should be dawn, so you won't be completely blind out there.

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy or force the surrender of the enemy. The enemy will not be in a position to retreat: any surviving 'Mechs will be on the salvage report.

Mission Time: August 1, 3050
Mission Type: Battle (Ambush)
Mission Pay: 500,000
Bonus Available: 0
Bounty Available: 100,000 per kill or surrender
Salvage: 15% in Units and Equipment*
*(Or one 'Mech if there are 4 or more)

Gamemaster's Notes: Game is expected to be played on November 17, 2019.

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