August 1, 3050
Frost Peak
Baker 3
Federated Commonwealth

Incoming Transmission... Leutnant Latavius Hamill
I'm glad your fight went well. I misdirected my command force into a corner and we're under siege by light Jade Falcon assets. Soon as you pick up salvage and repair, we need assistance ten klicks North of your position. We think we can hold out unti--*static*
Transmission signal disrupted... attempting to reconnect...
... Reconnection unsuccessful. Probable cause: Electronic Countermeasures.

Capture or destruction of all units means that with no "survivors" leaving to tell of what happened, the positive reputation with Clan Jade Falcon that you put at risk will hold.

Old Balance: 131,580,520

C-Bills Gained: 1,800,000
Mission Payment: 500,000
Monthly Pay: 0
Bonuses: 0
Bounty Kills: 1,300,000 (11 kills, 2 captures)
Loss Protection: 0

C-Bills Expenses: 1,055,000
Penalties: 0
Unit Upkeep: 680,000
MADLAD Usage: 375,000

New Balance: 132,325,520

UnitTechnician RemarksPilotCondition
KGC-0000 'Delta Sunshine IV' King CrabEngine DisabledDelta+4.0 EXP, Ready
VTR-8J 'Stonework II' VictorGyro DamagedJ+3.5 EXP, Ready
TDK-7X 'War Pig' Thunder HawkReadyWiz+3.5 EXP, Ready
OSR-2L 'Raider' OstrocLeg DamagedWhite Wolf+4.0 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'Anger II' AtlasReadyTemperance+3.5 EXP, Ready
AS7-D 'It Still Burns When I PPC' AtlasReadyWyvern+3.0 EXP, Ready
HTM-27T 'Retribution II' Hatamoto-ChiEngine and Gyro HitRasputin+3.0 EXP, Poor
BLR-1G 'Hunchmaster IIC' BattleMasterArmlessOutlaw+3.0 EXP, Ready

Equipment Replaced#
Triple-Strength Myomer83
Double Heat Sink1
Clan Active Probe1
Jump Jet Class II1
Jump Jet Class I1
Weapons Replaced#
Small Laser1
Medium Laser4
Small Pulse Laser1
Medium Pulse Laser1
Clan ER Medium Laser3
Clan SRM-60
Ammunition Reloaded#
LB10X Slug3
LB10X Cluster3
LRM Standard90
Clan LRM Standard180
SRM Standard114
SRM Inferno42
Clan Streak SRM6

Unit RecoveredTechnician Remarks
Thor D [20.9M]Surrendered (-107cFF -1cMG -10@MG)
Katydid Prime [21.5M]Gyro Disabled (-38cES -136cFF -1cSSRM6 -24@cSSRM -10@UAC10)
Kingfisher D [13.3M]Gyro Disabled (-31cES -220cFF -5@UAC10)
Daishi W [29.1M]Head Destroyed (-1cERSLas)
Gladiator A [35.8M]Head Destroyed (-168cFF -2cMG -200@MG)
Masakari C [25.5M]Surrendered (-123cFF -2cERPPC)
Man O' War B [26.2M]Engine Disabled (-147cFF -1cGauss -1cLRM10 -1cSRM4 -2A4FCS -120@cLRMA -100@SRMA -16@Gauss)
Thor C [21.1M]Head Destroyed (-140cFF -1cERSLas -1cERLLas -1cUAC20 -8@UAC20 -12@cSSRM)
Dire Wolf Prime [29.4M]Engine Disabled (-1cLRM10 -18@UAC5 -120@cLRM)

Equipment FoundQntySB*
No equipment was salvaged.
Weapons FoundQnty
No weapons were salvaged.
Ammunition FoundQntySB*
No ammo was salvaged.

* = Scrounger Bonuses; Pilots with Scrounger and Master Scrounger apply salvage bonuses to the entire unit, regardless of their theater of operations.

Maximum Salvage Allowance: 33,420,000 C-Bills (15%)
Total Salvage Value: 222,800,000 C-Bills
Contractor has first pick on salvage. Note that left over salvage allowance does not carry over.
"Just the one 'Mech" salvage clause is active.

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